Friday morning, we got up reasonably early to go get Nalu bowls before checking the surf. Nalu bowls are famous all around Bali for their refreshing fruit based smoothie bowls. You can choose a variety of yummy toppings to go with it and they present them beautifully. This was the first time I’d had one as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and yes I can confirm; they could be the tastiest smoothie bowls I’ve ever had. Mine was green and gingery with house-made granola and banana on top. I could start everyday with one of these, although they cost around 50-80,000 RPH, so roughly $5-8 and this could last me almost a whole day eating local food.

Anyway moving on, the surf has been massive lately so I was crossing my fingers it wasn’t too big for me. I start to feel weird if I haven’t surfed after 2 or so days. It’s a massive part of my life when I am in indo and by far the best way to start every day.

We first checked out Old Man’s, it was probably 3-6ft and the shore break was huge. Ollie and Nik were keen so we didn’t check anywhere else. I was feeling a little uneasy about it all so I sat on the beach and just watched for a good 15 minutes while the boys paddled out. There was a pause in the sets and I eventually ran and jumped in, of course it was bigger in the water than what it looked like out. Non-the less I got one good wave, it was probably 4ft and it reassured me I haven’t forgotten everything I’d learnt so far, weeeoooo!

After the surf we all got some food, then shortly after jumped on the scooters to go do some shopping for the homestay. It was so so hot, I was barely coping in shorts and a t-shirt. We drove about 10 minutes out of town, along the busier roads to the home & hardware stores where we got some paint, fairly lights and kitchen appliances. Once we got back we began painting the bar and by the time we had finished it actually looked amaze! Ollie got excited and wanted to start panting everything. We painted it with blackboard paint so passing travellers (and us) can draw all over it with different coloured chalk – end results were awesome!