So after our rather drunken first night, Ollie and I were miserable potato sacks the next day. We had a lazy day and got takeaway Nasi Campur for dinner – my absolute favourite food in the whole world! For those of you out there that aren’t sure of what it is, it’s a combination of Nasi (rise) and a mix (campur) of all different vegetables, noodles, tempe, potato, meats, fish and whatever else they feel like cooking that day, I’d assume it depends on availability and it usually changes day by day. For one plate full of food, this costs anywhere between $1-$3 AUD…. Insane right? I’m now a vegetarian and it makes life easy when you’re presented with so many different options.

Here's a photo I took on the back of the scooter riding over the short cut road in Canggu.