Wednesday morning, we got up early and went for a surf. Hoooooray! I had been waiting for this moment for so long. We drove about 3O minutes up the coast to a place called Kendungu. We grabbed a coffee and a few mini bananas to keep us going while chatting to the local man and lady who owned the shop before getting in. It was about 5ft, big fat waves, yet still fairly slow moving. This was my first surf in 6 months and let me tell you I think my best wave was catching the white wash back in haha! 5ft is also a little too big for me but non the less, there’s never a time I regret getting in the water – for me, it’s the most therapeutic thing I can do.

We got back about lunch time, stopped to get food on the way home (Nasi Campur again) and all went back to Ollies homestay (Dr. Ding) to eat together. His two good mates (Nik and Bec) are also living there, who we have been spending almost every day with.

So Wednesday night is BBQ night at Dr. Ding and also the night to go out at Old Mans. You can imagine where this story goes… There were about 15 people expected to come for the BBQ so during the day Nik went out and bought a ginormous 4kg fish and 1kg worth of prawns from the local market while Aris (another local friend, also running Dr.Ding) went and got the rice, tempe, corn and veggies. It was such a delicious feed and nothing but good vibes to go along with it. If you are ever travelling to Canggu I’d highly recommend staying there - I think Wednesday BBQ night is a soon to be tradition.

At about 10:30 and a fair few Bintangs later we all jumped on the scooters and headed down to Old Mans. Never in my entire life have I ever seen so many scooters parked, let alone people in one place. If I had to of guessed, I would say 500 or more. Music pumping, dance floor packed, beers and babes everywhere! Shortly after arriving I bumped into some friends I’d met in Melbourne randomly and it was another fun night out in Bali.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll be writing on here every day, as some days will be less exciting than others and I may be out of connection but I’ll see how I go. I think it'll be a nice thing to look back on if I can.

- Nella x