I arrived in Bali on Monday in the late afternoon. As soon as I hopped off the plane, the 27 degrees immediately hit my skin, I could hear the Balinese Mosk’s in the distance and I was quickly surrounded with the familiar senses I love so much. I took a deep breath and thought to myself, I am home.

As per usual, as soon as I existed the airport I got bombarded with local Indonesians trying to grab my attention for a taxi. I eventually got one with a man who was a little less ‘in my face’ than the others. It took just under 2 hours to get to Canggu because the traffic was so bad. Winding and curving through the small narrow streets, passing through the different towns along the way, going from 80kph back down to 3kph. I was wearing black jeans, a long sleeve top and Doc Martens as when I left Melbourne it was a chilly 4 degrees. My goal was to leave before the Australian Winter started and thank god I made it... I don’t seem to cope in cold weather. So after just about passing out from the heat-wave coming out of the airport (which I knew was coming) and the long taxi ride to Canggu, it was nice to finally meet Ollie, my old friend from NZ whom I’d met in Lombok last year.

Ollie has been in Indo now for about 10 months living in Canggu, so I’ll be staying at his place until I decide where to go next. He lives in the heart of it all, a few hundred metres from Old Man’s and a short scooter ride from Echo’s.

We got some food at Old Man’s not long after I arrived and of course it was perfect timing for happy hour. I ordered salt and pepper squid and Ol got some sort of delicious looking noodle soup. I tried it of course forgetting where I was for a second, the flavours of hot chilli peppers quickly began flooding my mouth and my taste buds. If you know me already, you’ll know I am a complete baby when it comes to eating spicy food. (This is something I’m going to need to work on).

Anyway, one drink we said…. Classic Indo terminology that really means absolutely nothing. Not long after eating, two more of Ollies mates came down and that was it... uncountable amounts of Bintangs and drinking games later, it was a big night to say the least; but a fun one.

It really is amazing the people you meet travelling. You can go 3 months, 8 months, years without seeing them and if it’s the right people it’s like you never left - the connection is the same. I couldn’t have asked for a better first day back, my heart is feeling full and I am feeling super blessed.

- Nella x