D A Y 1

Today marks day 1 of my adventure. Is this actually happening?! Where did the last 8 months go?

I have been planning this trip for just under a year now, living back in little Metung Victoria, working almost every day saving my pennies.

Do I have a real plan? No. Do I know where I'm going to be living? Absolutely no clue. Do I know where I’ll be in the next 1 week or 3 months’ time? Nah, but I think that’s the best part isn't it?

This morning I said goodbye to mum and dad, Sunday I said goodbye to all my friends and my god it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I’ve travelled so much in the past but I'm not sure this time it just feels… different. To leave everything you know and love for the unknown is the strangest feeling. I just have to trust the universe and my own choices will guide me to meet beautiful people, see untouched landscapes and be presented with incredible opportunities.

Nothing excites me more than the thought of being surrounded and completely immersed in another culture, reconnecting with old friends and soaking in the salty air and sun every damn day. I am determined to create a life I absolutely love and I am happiest when I am in Indo.

So bring it on. To the adventure, to loosing track of the days, to saying goodbye to comfort zones, to working hard, to being creative, to relaxing, to surfing every day and improving (with my uncoordinated skills), and to just having a blast in general, weehooo!